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Thank you both for your feedback on these important sharing issues.

Matt, as I indicated in my recent help desk ticket summarizing these issues, the results (and details) of our recent testing of the shared/synced access on desktop and mobile devices is summarized here:
> Desktop Sharing:
> iPad & iPhone Sharing:

(Be sure to switch to the "notes" view on each of the 2 preceding web client links to see the testing details.)

Mark has also provided an excellent overview of the various issues we discovered, and I agree with his evaluation of the results and his request for continued testing of these sharing/sync bugs.

(1) Shared/synced access via desktop is definitely the most critical issue at this point with brain files (notes and attachments) being dumped onto the desktop of the reader -- and, more rarely, actually being deleted from the original shared brain:
02.13.19 Help Desk Ticket <== Initially reported I year ago
01.26.20 Help Desk Ticket

(2) The only time we ever found a synced thought updating properly (on either a desktop or a mobile device) occurred once (during 4 hours of testing) when minor edits were made to a thought note. ALL other synced changes did NOT appear until after closing and reopening the synced brain. These changes included:
> adding new thoughts
> forgetting thoughts
> deleting thoughts
> changing attachment names

(3) The other extremely problematic issue, on both mobile and desktop devices, is the fact that forgotten thoughts did NOT disappear in the majority of our tests, even after closing and reopening the synced brain.

In light of all these issues, the shared/synced access is now unreliable ~ and unusable. As a result, I have had to abandon any plans to share brain projects using this feature until, and unless, these bugs are eventually fixed.

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