first of all: Excuse my bad english, i'm from Germany...

I'm a relative new user of TheBrain. I've been testing the Windows-version for several weeks. I'm not using the Webspace of the "TheBrain-server". I want to synchronize the files with "dropbox". I succeedet in doing that with the "Windows-TheBrain".

Now, i wanted ti try the Android-Version on my Tablet, where "Dropbox" also is installed. So on my Tablet, i also tried to switch off the sync with the Brain-Web. But i cannot find, how to switch off the "BrainWeb".  So the Android-version always is synchronizing with thn "BrainWeb". How can i switcxh off that?

Thanks a lot.

Greetings from Germany: Kay-Uwe
Kay-Uwe Höpcke Gudendorfer Weg 34, 27478 Cuxhaven Germany
I believe you will find that the iOS and Android versions require TheBrain cloud to function.  I am not aware of any sync relationship with the Android/iOS versions and DropBox.

PS: Your English is quite good.
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This can be a nice feature for The Brain Android and IOS.
I would recommend you read this post by Harlan about syncing. It was written with the advent of TheBrain 6, but still applies today.
And the section under Sync Using a File Sync Service isn't just a line to get people to use either Brazips or WebBrain, I used to synchronize using DropBox years ago and introduced corruption into my database that I only found months later.

macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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