I'm so sorry, but i have to ask again... I'd like to work with thebrain. But i need the software on my Windows-PC AND my Android-Tablet. The probloem is, that the software is only able to synchronize via th brain in the web. If i'm working with my computer, i always have connection with the web. So there ist no problem, to synchronize witn thebrain in the web.

But my tablet does not have webconnection all the time. If i take it with me to a meeting, for example, there may be no connention. That's the reason, why i prefer the sync with a tool like dropbox. The dropbox-data i take with me every time.

Does anybody know a solution?

Thanks a lot.

Greetings from germany: Kay-Uwe
Kay-Uwe Höpcke Gudendorfer Weg 34, 27478 Cuxhaven Germany
The only way to do what you want is - buy a windows tablet (not RT) and sync with your pc via TheBrain Web Service. Dropbox is not the best way. The Android Version has no local database to sync. It is a viewer with editor functions.


If you have automatic synchronization enabled 

Synchronize with TheBrain Cloud Services 2015-03-03 16-03-05.png 
TheBrain will sync automatically when you are able to connect to a network connection.

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