I've confirmed that this previously reported issue (custom tabs reset) is still in effect for, and as I noticed that the issue wasn't moved or copied to "PersonalBrain Issues" I'm posting it here today:
  • close 6.0 with custom tabs layout
  • run 5.5 (not necessary to open a brain)
  • close 5.5
  • run 6.0 - the tabs layout has been reset
Wouldn't this be a great time to have the developers spend just a little time scrubbing PersonalBrain for cross-version issues?  Whether it's due to shared Java objects / classes, shared file or Registry entries or "something else", these persistent issues make it difficult to run two releases on the same machine.

My other main cross-version issue for 6.0 is that my existing Windows shortcuts with properties like the following:

"C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain\PersonalBrain.exe" C:\database\PersonalBrain\current\Wayne.brain

run PersonalBrain but fail to open the brain given as the command-line argument.

Cornan / Windows XP sp3

No longer running 5.5, but the layout is still getting reset.

This time it was after a hang / "End Task" / restart.

Hi Cornan, Thanks for posting. PersonalBrain 5.5 is no longer being offered on our website for purchase, so this issue will not be fixed in version 5.5.

This is NOT a 5.5 issue!

What I said was that I was still having the issue, even though I am not using 5.5.

Should I start a new thread to avoid confusion in the future?


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