What would it take to make the thoughts and plex Ink aware?  I'd like to be able to do all of the normal mouse actions with a pen *AND* draw somewhere in a blank part of the plex, circle it, drag-n-drop it to a thought, note, etc.
Keith Barrows
Ad astra aspera
Yes, it would be a big 'plus' for tablet/umpc users if TheBrain became ink aware. At minimum, to auto bring up the TIP (Tablet Input Panel), as noted in another thread.

At best, to implement something similar to Bluebeam's implementation for ink-enabled PCs, especially the Pen Input for entering text (see


As a UMPC/Tablet heavy user I want to register that I would REALLY appreciate if PersonalBrain would have what JoWu and StarPilot are asking for.


Rod Murrer
Release enables the TIP to function in the search, thought creation, and thought renaming boxes.
Using, I cannot use the tablet pen in order to choose what attachment to add.  This must be a bug of some sort.

Update: This is still a problem in this version.  Can this be fixed?
Another vote for ink support, preferably in the form of notes that contain a mix of typed text and ink.  It'd be great if we could turn on/off a very fine grid as a background to these notes.

I'd like to store sketches in PB that I can modify from within PB.  Just storing a clipping is only useful for "complete" sketches, not thoughts-in-progress.  I could link to OneNote or something, but that is overhead that interrupts the thought process.

I used to be a touch typist, but I lost use of my right hand, and one handed typing was too much for my left hand (I write software and technical documentation). I now use a Tablet and TIP 100% of the time, including writing this post. No more keyboard or mouse, my computer doesn't even have them anymore.

Personal Brain is loaded with Tablet Pen bugs. Selection of Tags, Folder Navigation for selecting attachments, Selection of search results, etc... With mouse, they work just fine, but with Pen, they work sporadically. As a software developer myself, I've got some insight as to why. Many of the controls used within PB I'm guessing are custom controls, thus being non-standard. The TIP uses the interfaces provided on the standard control objects, and would work just fine if they were used. I suspect that PB couldn't do some of what it needed to do with the standard tools, and went to custom tools instead. In doing so, they most likely failed to fully support the fall array of input options, like a Pen.

So, my requests to PB (in order of importance to me):
01. Fix Pen input so that item selections and file
navigation works reliably. (Plex navigation works fine)
02. Add Digital Ink support for notes; See notes in Mind
Manager, that is a nice way to do it.
03. Add Digital Ink support in the Plex; again, see how
Mind Manager does it for its "thoughts"

Item #01 is high priority, the other two would be nice to have.
I would like to install PB as the front-end shell for a UMPC.

Would be nice if there were no bugs on pen (or finger) navigation and common tasks. Any experience with UMPCs out there? /pg.
I am glad that there are many tablet PC users calling for better pen functionality in PB5.  As one of the early adopters of the personal brain, this was one of my early requests with the adoption of PB4.  Even with PB5, I find that pen functionality is erratic at best.  For example, sometimes the pen just will not select a thought in the instant activation list and as such I need to depend on the mouse.

It has been a long time coming, but the tablet PC is poised for use by the greater part of the computing population.  Personal brain should be ready to make sure that it is not a detriment to pen usage.
customized Desktop PC (Haswell i7 4770 3.4 gHz with 32 GB RAM), Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 256 GB SSD,  and a Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Windows 10, 512 GB SSD, 16 GB ram, i5

Paul Gonzalez, a UMPC is not a pure Tablet PC.  Most UMPC's use a Stylus and touchscreen while a TabletPC uses a Digital Pen and Active Digitizer.  The Brain works fine with a mouse, which is essentially how a Stylus and Touchscreen appear to an application.   A Digital Pen (essentially a small RFID like radio) and active digitizer work very differently; and this is what the (otherwise really good) Brain developers continually fail to realize.   Your UMPC should work reliably with PB, no "inking" but all other functions should be fine; none of the "cannot select attachment" or "cannot select thought in Instant Activate" issues that have been mentioned.  Those issues are Pen/ Digitizer interface related, and should not hinder a touchscreen UMPC.   I've used the Brain on both, and it is fine for touchscreens, but just painfully bad with full Tablets (like I use every day).  Mindjet gets it, but so far not PB, and I'm not even talking about inking, just normal usage and item selections.  It's not hard to do, but... does need the developers to be aware of it.


Bristolview, I'm sorry to hear that. TabletPCs are fantastic devices. PB should be a killer app on a Tablet, but if they do not properly support the Tablet's input, that means PB would be a "to be avoided" app instead. Too bad--- tablets REALLY bring out the "touch the apps!" impulses, and PB would feed into that impulse due to its visuals.

Darkstar, I would not go so as to say that it should be avoided. I would say that the potential of the Brain is not fully realized. I still use it, but these issues plague the useage. They also severely hinder the speed of working with the Brain. I do still use it, and continually hope that they fix it.

Brain developers... as a 100 percent tablet user, no keyboard and no mouse (at all), I'd be happy to consult and help you address these issues. The Brain is a great tool, but could really shine. It seems ideal for tablet use, except that the implementation makes it so that... it is not.

cheers all,
Bristolview (from my phone also using handwriting recognition)

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