My Tag and Type lists are getting long. I have them organized hierarchically, which helps. I'd love to expand and collapse them. You know, like with a little triangle icon. 
How about MindMap view? Or Outline View?
Pressing space collapses/expands branches there. 
It's somewhat easy to miss that you can actually do this. With that I mean, give a normal Thought, Types and Tags as children for organizational purposes.
Part of the confusion comes from the fact that you can't do this from a tag, but only to a Tag.
So when you press F7 or F8 on Tag A, it will do nothing. But if you press F6 on a Thought Parent
you can connect it to Tag A without a problem.

Just writing this in case you didn't know this already.
Maybe you have something different in mind enitrely. Click image for larger version - Name: types.png, Views: 32, Size: 250.33 KB
I stopped adding to this DIY-registry months ago.
It's not difficult to maintain it, but I didn't feel the need.

Now I'm actually at 98 Types and 34 tags.
I'll probably make a real one soon.

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Ah yes, you're right, I'd overlooked that I can do it this way when my lists get long. Thanks for the reminder. That's probably actually a better solution than mucking with the pop-up and making it complicated.
The collapsible/expandable lists are documented as a feature request as well.


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