It would be so good to be able to assign tags not only to a thought but to individual paragraphs/text within notes as well. I sometimes have a thought with quite a bit of text in it and only a portion of the text relate to a particular tag. I'd love to be able to select a few lines and assign tag to it. 

This is one killer feature of MS OneNote that I really miss in PB. The screenshot attached shows a page with 3 paragraphs each assigned a different tag (tags are visualised via icons). When I search for a tag and click on a given entry I'm taken not only to the right page but also to the specific paragraph I tagged which is then nicely highlighted for me... A similar feature in PB would be amazing!

Click image for larger version - Name: 2011.05.08-09.05.12.png, Views: 105, Size: 12.41 KB

an extremely useful feature to have
This would be a welcome feature!

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