i am a PBrain user since 5 years now. i use it for professional activity (consulting). my Pbrain is organized around key thoughts types like customer, project, deliverable, event, ......

i am managing a lot of document (8 To of ppt, doc, xfs, pdf ...). I am using a generic documentation classification method to classify,retrieve and re-use document associated  to thought.

the classification is based on  3 items (Source,  type, usage) that are populated by one to multiple values.  the source is used to identify from where/who the information is coming, the type identify the nature of the files and usage is the way i could re-use it.

for example ,type could be represented by more than 300 potential values ordered with a tree approach. ex :

type !                  
       ! project  !RFP
       !            ! RFI
       !            !Statement Of Works
       !            !Project Plan
       ! product ! vision  
       !            ! strategy
       !            ! roadmap
       !            ! specification
       !            ! what's new

today, i am using TAGs becasue it is the only way to manage classification with multiple values.

the issue is that i have too much TAG to manage without the way to organize them with a hierarchy (like between Tags). i have to navigate a flat list of 300 values which is not acceptable.

then my request is to have the ability to organize hierarchy of Tags and to be able to select it with a way to navigate this hierachy instead of a flat list today.

associated to this request the way to request thoughts with Tags value could be updated with the same kind of multi selection navigating the tree of Tags.

with this approach se sill be able to impement easyli all kind of document classification like the one i used or more standard one like official Dewey classification used by library.

any feedback concerning such subject ?


Great idea +1
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Wow, that is an awesome idea. As of now, I use a lot of super type thoughts.



thought about tag hierarchies as well. 
So far, I "implemented" this by bringing order to my tags by using prefixes with special characters (e.g. "!high priorit" "!low priority" "@office", "@home" etc.)
Searching for thoughts with a certain tags/type combination can of course be done with "Custom report".

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