I am trying to find some information onTags, Labels, and Thought Types...

Let me explain what I want to do...

I am trying to develop a Brain with certain characteristics... I would like to disconnect the link branches and create small islands of data... for example... I would have a topic such as Benjamin Franklin, and then I would link to all topics that are associated with Benjamin Franklin, but I would then disassociate all branches and leave this small hierarchy as an island of data associating only Benjamin Franklin.. I then would use Tags to find the 'Benjamin Franklin - Thought' and all linked thoughts.

I want to divide my Brain into a taxonomy and extend it. such as:

* Individual
* Place
* Thing
* Event
* Concept
* Entity
* Time

I am curious to learn more about Thought Types. I already know what are Tags, and I have experimented a little with them. But I am not sure what Thought Types are. Can you help by explaining what Thoughts are and how they function in PersonalBrain and where I can read more about how to implement them? Can I use Thought Types to build a taxonomy along with Tags? And can I search Thought Types like I can search for Tags?

*2 One more question... How do I view a list of all Thoughts with certain tags and view the resutls in the plex... That is, how can I choose to view a list of Thoughts that have a certain Tag or Tags? for example, if i have several thoughts with 2 or 3 tags each, how do i perform a search for them in the plex? And narrow the search to have 2 or 3 tags together.. that is to do a search for multiple tags?

*3 One more question, How do I view tags in a sitebrain, and can tags be searched for in a sitebrain? and what about the web-brain?

*4 One last question... When I make Thoughts in PersonalBrain I started to notice that the search feature highlights the name of the thoughts.  I started to do something in organizing my brain, which is to have unique names for each and every thought so I could find them easily in PB. I noticed that sometimes my thought names were too long and I wanted for example to write 'Parents' as a child thought instead of 'Parents of John Doe'. But the problem I run into is when I try to do a search for a thought or when adding a new child thought to an existing thought, there are more than 1 thought labeled 'Parents'... that is, that I do not know which thought it belongs to... any suggestions?

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