Not sure if this is an issue, but I just noticed (and couldn't find anything here by search) that the tag count does not include External Document thoughts with the tag.

See attached image: all the Thoughts are tagged "Reference" and appear under the TagThought but the tag count == 1?? Click image for larger version - Name: TheBrainTags.png, Views: 55, Size: 145.22 KB

Thank you for writing in. I've tried testing this on my end and can't reproduce the inconsistency you're seeing. Do you remember the steps taken to see the incorrect number of Tags displayed?
  1. Had pre-existing tag
  2. Dragged the four documents from the filesystem (WinXP) as children of the selected Thought.
  3. CTRL-Clicked them into a selection
  4. Added Tag to selected thoughts from selection window

But it's odd...
  1. They all have the tag
  2. They all are linked to the Thought tag
  3. None of them are counted in the Tag window
  4. They all display in a tag Report
Click image for larger version - Name: TheBrainTagReport.png, Views: 38, Size: 16.38 KB
OK... when are the counts refreshed?

Just closed and reopened and the count is correct.  What alerted me was I realized that I had two tags the same (must have renamed one) so consolidated them and the count didn't change...

Click image for larger version - Name: TheBrainTagPanel.png, Views: 36, Size: 6.09 KB

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