With PB 5, I was able to convert a tag to a thought, but with 6 I can't see how to do it. It is gone from the context menu. I searched the forums, and I wasn't able to find the problem described. Is the feature gone? 

I would rather use PB 6 than PB5 because some kinks have been worked out, but I know for sure that people are going to notice that tagged attributes of things really should be considered linked parents of things, and I'm not going to sit and manually connect up a new thought with 8 people checking their watches.
Oh sorry, one more thing. I could simply treat the tag as a thought for most purposes, but the end product of this work should be an outline, and I don't seem to be able to get tags to show up in an outline--despite the fact that tags share many of thoughts' qualities.
Hmmm, you are right, it looks like that capability was discontinued with 6.x. Until they bring it back, the fastest way to create a parent thought for all the tagged thoughts is:
  1. Activate the tag.
  2. Ctrl-Click the tags child gate (it will select all the tagged thoughts).
  3. Create a new thought (either by drag-linking a child thought from the tag thought, or F6).
  4. With the new thought activated, right click the selection window and choose Link Selection as Children of [ThoughtName].
  5. Delete the tag (if you want).

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks. That's a clever and apparently necessary workaround. I encourage PB to put the feature back in!

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