I just had some thoughts which differed from each other only by the tags assigned.
The problem with this approach: these thoughts are listed in the search results list/reports results list only with their names, tags are not visible there.

Within the selection list, tags (as well as the type) are displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over a single thought.
It would be nice to have this behavior within the lists mentioned above.

My current workaround: I'll replace the tags by thoughts.



Have you tried using TheBrain's Comma Trick?  The build in context sensitive naming feature may help in this scenario.  If you are not familiar, please try the following:

Create 2 Thoughts: "Client X" and "Competitor Y"
Under each thought, give them a child thought named ", Products" - yes, include the comma when you are typing the new Thought Name.

When under Client X - you'll just see "Products" - but the full thought name is actually "Client X, Products"  

Now it will be easy to tell all of your research on Products apart in the past Thought list, search results, reports, etc.

Would you like me to email you a quick sample Brain to import and see how it works?

Also - I'll write up your feature request to include tags when hovering over search results.


thanks, the comma-trick is well-known. I've been using it since it came up (V4.5?), and it's part of the workaround.


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