Firstly, this query does not relate specifically to the Brain app but rather macOS Catalina. I'm hoping somebody in the know can provide some insight into the changes that occurred across the OS recently.

I noticed that TB 11.0.61 for macOS Catalina had to be installed via an Installer from the website rather than an update within the desktop app itself.

I'm curious to know why that was the case?

I'm asking because an unrelated audio software plug-in I use and depend on inexplicably stopped working recently and that manufacturer is no longer around to resolve the issue, hence why I'm tapping into TB's community for some possible explanation. MacOS has labelled the audio plug-in as "malware" and forced me to trash it (there's no reason to believe the plug-in contains actual malware).

Is it something to do with Apple's new notarization requirements for third-party developers?
Thank you for posting. There were a few issues with Mojave vs. Catalina installs that needed to be addressed in our recent 11.0.59 and 11.0.60 builds. Some builds were not 'required' for Catalina users so they were not informed of the update.  However, downloading manually caused no harm what-so-ever. Our latest build is 11.0.62 and all users will be notified through the same process moving forward.

Thank you,

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