I just now tried editing a note in TB9|10 web client in Firefox. Since there was no way to "close" the note editor in the web client after making my edits, I navigated to another thought by selecting the back button.

However, when I hit the "Back" button, the active thought changed, but the note for the previously active thought remained "stuck" in position and did not change along with the thought in the plex.

The net effect of this is that the visible "stuck" note completely overwrote the note associated with the current active thought. I confirmed this overwrite (and the deletion of my overwritten note content) by syncing and checking the HTML file for the overwritten note.

A screenshot and a copy of the overwritten HTML file will now be provided in another new Help Desk ticket: #65245

Word to the Wise (if you want to avoid this kind of data loss)
> Don't count on the web client to be the only backup for your TB9|10 content.
> Don't edit content in the web client until the the stuck note bug and the back/forward navigation bugs have all been fixed.

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