The array of fonts you've provided is absolutely fabulous! I especially appreciate the option to see samples of the fonts during the font selection process. Thank you so much for giving us this range of fonts to choose from.

Also, since we still have the Verdana font option in the plex, could Verdana also be added into the font style options for note editor?

For years Verdana has been my standard, default font of choice for its simplicity, clarity and reading ease. In addition, since I prefer to use Verdana in the plex, I would very much like to have a consistent display in the notes as well, if at all possible.

With my thanks in advance for your consideration of this request,
Glad to hear that the fonts are working well for you.

Unfortunately we cannot add fonts on request due to licensing issues. All of the fonts that are present are those that will work on all platforms and that we can legally install automatically on an as-needed basis. You might try Arimo instead of Verdana.

The fonts in the plex are those that are local to your computer. At this time, the plex uses a different rendering technology than the notes editor. (And the plex fonts are not standard across platforms as a consequence.)
Thank you, @Harlan, for your follow-up and clarification.

Appreciate the additional background and context about our font styling options.

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