Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with notes not syncing properly with the TB9 web client?

I recently reported problems with images not syncing properly in my notes, and I understand the engineering team is actively working to resolve these issues.

Unfortunately, I am also having very odd (random) issues with the text in my notes not syncing properly as well, which is very disconcerting.

This text syncing problem has shown up in 2 different ways:
  • Edits made to the local brain are NOT showing up in the web client, and after multiple attempts to get the content to sync, the OLD content from the web client eventually overwrites all my NEW changes.
  • Today I ran into an even stranger issue: after editing a note again (in another attempt to add new changes), I initiated a sync, and TB9 told me there were "No changes to sync".

Running TB9 (v253) on Windows 7 Desktop
Details, including screenshots and output logs, have been shared with TB Support.

Will be looking forward to feedback from anyone else who has run into similar problems attempting to sync notes (text) edited in a local brain.
Just now discovered another sync issue:
-- I have a thought to which a link was previously attached, and now the link has completely disappeared in both the desktop brain and the web client.

I suspect this has happened to several other thoughts as well since I've previously found thoughts in TB9 where I thought I had already added a link, but no link was currently visible. At the time, I concluded I must have simply forgotten to add the link. However, since this has happened on several occasions now, I suspect the links were originally attached -- and then, somewhere along the way, they mysteriously disappeared.

Output log attached.

As we discussed on our call today, this is rather concerning if your sync is not sending the updated content to the could version.  We have an update to TheBrain Cloud server that we're testing now and and I'll keep an extra eye out for this type of behavior.  After the new update is out, I may contact you again and we can continue testing together to see if this issue can then be replicated.

Thank you,
Sounds great, Matt. I very much appreciate all your time and help on our call today, and I've decided to stay on the Alpha channel (just working in test brains) in the hope of getting any updates that may help to resolve these important sync issues.

In the meantime, if I run into any additional problems, I will update my help ticket, and we can go forward from there.

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