The following 3 images illustrate the contrast between links in notes in TB8, TB9 Desktop and TB9 Web Client:

Links-TB8.png Links-TB9-Desktop.png  
In light of these differences, I am wondering:
> Is there any way to make the links in TB9 web client look more like the links in TB9 or TB8 desktop?

> Where do things stand with changing the default setting for links in notes in the web client to open in a new window? Right now links in a web client note open in the same window and completely override TB9, which completely undermines any attempt to keep users engaged with public and shared brains.
Thanks for posting on these issues.  Links in notes of an online Brain are still on an open engineering ticket and will be addressed in a future update. I'll add your thoughts on the stronger highlighting.

Thank you,
Thanks for you feedback, Matt.

I'll be looking forward to updates on the status of both these issues:
> opening note links in a new window
> providing a simpler, more subtle highlight on note links

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