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Just now saw the recent updates to this discussion.

@HarmenB ~ Thank you for your support on these important sharing/pricing issues.
mcaton wrote:
Why not embed your online Brain in a web page that you control?  Password protected and you change the password ever week? month?  Great option for giving temporary access to a Brain.
This would be an acceptable sharing option for some users in some use cases....once the web client has been debugged and is fully functional. However at this point, there are still too many fundamental problems and missing features in the web client to share it publicly.

Also, embedding a brain on a password protected page adds yet one more cost for users who may already be having trouble with the upfront (and/or ongoing) price of TheBrain. It was great when this password protected option was available through TheBrain 8 at no additional charge -- and I hope consideration will eventually be given again to:
  • restoring private web-sharing access where private thoughts are protected and
  • providing the option of hiding some or all private thoughts in desktop sharing.

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