Please take a moment to fill out a brief survey about PersonalBrain 6 and WebBrain.com. This will help us better understand what you think of our progress so far and help us plan for the future.

The survey contains 12 questions about what you liked and didn't as well as what you think of TheBrain in general.

The survey is located at:

Thanks again for all your help and feedback with the beta to date. As always, we continue to work hard on many more exciting developments for the future...
Please share the results of this poll. I am on the fence about getting pb6 right now (if not now, I will get it soon/later), and this is THE feature that will finally decide it for me. I am looking to understand how people have been using it and how they like it.
Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach
http://GameOfThriving.com | Mark@TheThriveCoach.com
Is the survey link still valid?
It does not lead to a questionaire.

Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
The poll appears to have closed. In support of Mark Lewis's post above, in return for our time spent answering the poll and free advice given, I think it only fair that Harlan share the results with us and give us an indication of which of the most popular user requests are likely to be implemented, as well as some idea of when. This will certainly help us decide about upgrading.
Alan Rhodes
Yes, the poll is closed. Sorry I forgot to note that here. To everyone who participated, thanks again for your feedback.

As most of you who participate on the forums know, we do not as a policy announce upcoming features until they are imminently ready for release.

PersonalBrain 6 is at this point in the late beta stage. No major new features will be introduced in the 6.0 version. However, all users of PB 6 will get free upgrades to all 6.X releases.

As for the results of the poll, the main thing we learned is that PB is different for every user. Surprisingly, the votes for "most important" feature were all over the map. There were only two areas that everyone seemed to agree on: faster/more reliable and general UI improvements were by a large margin the clear winners.

Beyond that, in terms of what people like about PB6, it's a toss up with the top contenders, in no particular order, being: Thought Properties and Attachments UI, Calendar UI,Visible Thought Types, and WebBrain Sync/Publish.

 I am writing to say I really like several features in PB  I really like transparent mode though prior to using it I was not persuaded.  I also like the new thought typing/tagging options.  I really like webbrain sync, Google Calendar sync and Explorer integration (MS-Windows; though I have not actually used this yet.).  I realize there are many other new features I have ot mentioned.  All in all I am very happy w/ 6.0 and very glad I bought the upgrade and began using it !!

I am a long time PB user (I was using it prior to 2001, don't remember what version). I sat on the fence a while before biting the bullet and buying the PB 6 upgrade (I let the 30 day trial run down before I evaluated).
I don't use websync but the refinements and functions added to PB make the upgrade well worth it for me. 6.0 is a definite improvement on 5.0 in so many ways it almost seems like a new product. I've been a user since the 3.0 days and was on the fence about this upgrade. I made the right choice.



I haven't been to the forum in a while, and cannot figure out how to post a new thread.

The PB 6 beta installation is confusing.  When installing, it says the Pro Trial Edition has expired.  I had a legitimate 5.x version, and this is the first time that I downloaded 6.x beta.  Is this from some previous Pro Trial version?

On Help About, it says this is the Free Edition, and also that the Pro Trial has expired.  Below that, it says that the Beta expires in 36 days.

So, which version is this?  The fully functional beta or the Free Edition?  I'm happy to work with the beta (I backed up before installing) and upgrade when it's ready, but still need full functionality.


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