Hi all,

I am only using this software for a couple of days, but I already love it. I plan to use it mainly for some project management and I was wondering if there is a possibility to add a 'thought template'. I have been scanning this forum, but I haven't found anything that is similar enough, so I hope I am not posting a duplicate request.

The idea would be to have template generator (could be similar to a brain, but then small). It should be possible to create a thought structure that is pretty generic depending on the needs of the user. When required, one could drop in this template in the same way as a thought is dropped in.

Let me illustrate this with an example: every project I work on contains the same folder structure for every project. This may be extended or customized per project, but the basics are always the same. Every project has subfolders suchs as 'Requirements', 'Design documentation', 'Testing', 'Administration', 'Project management', ...
Every subfolder may have subfolders on its own. 
It would be very useful if I could just import this structure every time I start a new project thought in my Brain.

Is there already something like this available, or would this be something that could be of interest for more users?
I'm eager to hear your 'thoughts'!

Hi. Welcome. Ã°Å¸ËœÆ’

You can select, copy and paste multiple thoughts.
See: Selecting multiple thoughts
And the video: Selecting multiple thoughts

You can copy all of your "subfolders" from your "project template" and paste them to a new "project".
Hope that helps.

One more resource: Pages 93-95 of TheBrain 10 User Guide.
Hi Cerebrum,

Thank you for the fast reply! This surely looks like a suitable way of working for me, I must have missed the option to select 'multiple clicks deep'.

Still one more thought: I am guessing that using this copy method, it would not be possible to push changes to all the copies? For example, if I were to change the name of, or add another, (sub)thought in my 'project template', what would be the best way to 'push' this change to all/selected 'project copies'?
You can try the Find and Replace feature.

Also, (different issue) if you have many projects that have Child Thoughts like "Requirements" and "Testing", you might want to use Context-sensitive Thought names using commas.
Thank you, that is exactly what I need! I was already 'hardcoding' this in some confusing cases, but that would not be possible to do in the previously mentioned 'project template'.

It looks like the 'feature' I suggested is already more or less there. Thank you for helping me out. I am looking forward to exploring this beautiful piece of software and discovering all of its great functionalities. Keep up the good work!

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