My experience of using the v9 Notes widget (up to and including 9.0.143) is that its performance is terrible. Consequently it feels really bad to use.

The most egregious aspect of which is that, when typing, it can barely keep up and it even misses the odd character, which in 2016 is pretty much unforgivable.

No other text editing app/widget that I use comes remotely close to this kind of performance. Word, to pick a relevant example, which is doing considerably more work & on long documents, performs fine.

I really hope you are able to improve this.

Kind regards,


2010 Mac Pro 6-core 3.33GHz, 16GB RAM macOS 10.12.1
2013 MacBook Air 1.7GHz i7, 8GB RAM macOS 10.12.1

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reporting. There's another report of this just now. Please see my response on that thread ( so we can keep everything together. Thanks.

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