I like LN for its ability to store, share and process information, even on the web and onto my PocketPC. But I also like TB for its ability to store and associate information and for its interface.
So I would like to continue using both and obviously a tighter integration is high on the wishlist.

Here's what I would love to see (don't know if some of that is perhaps possible already using the enterprise-version with the Notes-connector, but this is really a feature request for the personal brain as well as Enterprise, if it doesn't do that already):
  • ability to link a thought to a Task-category in Notes and have all tasks of that category REPLICATE into children of that thought. (I'm just using tasks as an example, actually this should be "any database". Of course the question is then about what do I want to get into TB, I guess one would have to select a "body"-field or so. I'm still a Notes-novice and can probably not generalize that concept well enough, but I know you know ppl who could assess the feasibility )
    And yes, I meant "replicate", so this should be bi-directional!
  • If a thought is linked to a Notes-item (using the URI-technique I described in this thread or maybe the DocLinks you mentioned in Eric's podcast) it should also be replicated with that item!
And that's all, really. At least for today

Replication with notes is not likely, but there are additional notes capabilities coming... Ask Eric to tell you what he helped us with in this regard.
Although drag-and-drop from Lotus Notes is not working with PB 5, you can create the link as a two step process.

In the Notes document or document list, right-click on the document and select "Copy as Document Link".  The go into PB, select the Thought, and click the Paste icon in the Attachments section.

Clicking the icon on the thought will activate Lotus Notes, and open that document.  I have verified this works with Contacts (Address Book entries), Tasks (To-Do documents), Calendar Events and regular eMail documents.  Pretty much anything stored in a Notes database.
- Mike
I couldn't get the copy/paste as doc link to work using PB 5 and Notes 8.5. It seems like it is trying to open Notes, but nothing happens.
Same problem for me. Is there any set-up to be performed before this LN opening actually works?

Here is how I get email from Lotus Notes into my PersonalBrain.

select the email item from the inbox or folder, drag it to the desktop.  That creates a file with the email contents.  Then you can drag and drop (move) that file into the PersonalBrain.

I haven't tried todos, calendar, etc.

Lisa Waugh

Lisa Waugh

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