Ok, I must admit - I love the brain and have been using it since v1.  Even as far back as v3 I thought the Brain could replace the windows desktop - I mean totally.  One would boot Windows and there would be The Brain.  There would be links (thoughts) for the Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, email (each as a thought which would automatically link to the sender and recipients), and all of my applications and projects.  Maybe the Brain is evolving in that direction - or maybe - ugh - it is not possible to do this.

One item I continue to believe would be beneficial is a working relationship between OneNote and The Brain.  I don't consider them competitors at all as I feel they compliment each other.  When I embed long threads of email into OneNote I always link the OneNote "URL" to the appropriate area in the Brain as a web attach.  Works great. I wonder if MS provides the necessary APIs for Harlan & Crew to embed OneNote into the Brain (as long as the user owns ON, that is).

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I agree. A closer relationship between TheBrain and OneNote would be fantastic.

I'm sure that just about all of us who use OneNote would like to see it in place of the Notes panel. But even if it could be done, the switching of the content in the panel with the large OneNote files, every time the cursor passed over a thought, would be a load on the processor.

I'd still love to see it happen though...

I think like Bill


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