I have version 10.0.31 installed and the brain on my windows 7 laptop is incredibly slow and unresponsive. Moreover the update to new version from the brain doesn't work: downloads the update but that gets stuck and I need to shutdown the application.
A quick reaction would be appreciated. This in not a cheap piece of software...

@fernandopcoelho ~

I struggled with responsiveness and speed-related issues for months on my Win7 desktop, and eventually discovered my antivirus program (WebRoot) was the primary culprit. If I remember correctly, I think other users may have also had some with Kaspersky.

In any case, I had to have WebRoot white list TB10 at their end -- and then every time I download a new brain update, I have to reset the settings in my WebRoot desktop console in 2 different places to "allow" TheBrain to run without being monitored.

This has significantly helped with the operational speed of the program -- but the start-up process for TheBrain still remains painfully slow. Haven't yet found a solution to this particular issue....
Fernando, you may also want to verify that the Compact Window Title Bar is turned off. Please try clicking on Options > Preferences and on the Look and Feel tab, uncheck the option for "Compact Window Title Bar" . This is simply a feature that places the File, Edit, Thought, etc. controls in the upper frame of the app. Turning it off will have no effect on your Brain data and may speed up the application.

Thank you,

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