Where will the knowledge management software in 5 or even 10 Years be? Where should it go?

I think thebrain is a approach which has a lot of potential because of dynamic focusing in complex and extensive databases. Here is my vision for the future:

Focusing on whole models of complex relations: Lets say I reconstruct a complex model like psycoanalysis in powerpoint even with animations. This should be available also in thebrain. Something like prezi with animation capabiltities based on the functionality of thebrain. This would merge knowledgemanagement with knowledge agency, presentations etc. This would also include text, video and images which can be focused, animated, followed by paths etc.

Touchscreen handling: Imagine having a lot of fragments on a table, aranging and sorting them, building relations, zooming in a fragment and adding new ones and comments. Further the base layer could be the sources, e.g. web pages, pdfs, docs which appear when zooming in more.

What is your vision? 


Hi Oliver, 
Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I'll certainly share them with our team. I think the Brain can be a fantastic way to deliver a highly effective presentation. Attaching images and slides along the way but using the Brain as the delivery method. Take a look at this blog article on this topic. 

You might also enjoy watching a recorded webinar on using the Brain for Dynamic Presentations and even download the brainzip
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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