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Will have to respond in more detail this evening if I can.  Unfortunately, I have a day job until I get this TB9 idea working within my website!

Yes - I do develop the brain on my desktop then sync to the cloud.  The website pulls in the brain in real-time from the cloud.

(1) - I think this shows the setup after I have manually adjusted the view - I will check my code this evening to be sure
(2) I'm tracking Gutenberg and do not plan to upgrade without serious thought and testing - I remain unconvinced it will go smoothly!
(3) Well, I have a process of copy/pasting the refreshed links into the single website page that calls the brain.  So I'm hopeful the impact of a changed GUID is minimal for me.

BTW - I have moved my site up to SSL, which caused major issues with some plugins last night - hence my running silent.  I'll be testing the TB9 presentation again this week, and will update matters via this thread - so please leave open. 
Thanks for your ultra-prompt feedback, Ian.

I share your concern about Gutenberg, and I'll be looking forward to any additional feedback you care to share.

No hurry. 🙂

Sorry to hear about the SSL/plugin troubles. I know tech issues like this can be a headache. Ã°Å¸Ëœâ€“

Hello Metta and Ian,

To change the note/content placement on the plex in the web-client, just click on the very, very tiny flows on the separation line on the bottom of the screen.
Theire are 3 of them: to the left, to the right and changing from top to bottom.

Thanks, Gerard. We are aware of the option to change the placement manually.

The question I shared (which had been raised originally by another brain user) is how to change the default placement of the note/content window for those who prefer having it display below the plex.

I personally like having the notes on the side of the plex, but this is not ideal for all use cases.
In regards to the topic of using the "Embeded Web Page Links" - the pages being attached, that you want to display in the content window, need to be https compatible. If they're not, they won't load properly in the content window and will lead to display problems when navigating an online Brain or embedding a Brain in a web page.

Also, not sure if it was mentioned here previously, but if you log into your Brains list in the web client and click on the context menu button (hamburger button) for the desired Brain, you can click on "Brain Access and Sharing"  This will give you option to Allow Public Access and the desired iFrame code for embedding your Brain in another web site.

And finally, future development and enhancements of all of these features is still being planned.

Thank you,

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