I know I don't need to tell die-hard Brainiax this, but newer users, or people checking the forum out trying to make a decision about buying PersonalBrain might find this useful. Namely, the more I use the search function in PB, the more impressed I am with it. The little box and button sit down there on the bottom left side of the Plex, seeming like an after thought, so I never really gave it much heed. But as my work Brain has grown, I find myself using the search more and more, and becoming more impressed by how quick and easy it is to zero in on the right Thought. I don't even need to use the search tool or advanced search very often yet. Someday I'll probably need that, and now I'm expecting to be just as impressed. Thanks!

Agreed, it's one of the primary features that allow PersonalBrain to scale as your database grows and not become unwieldy.

macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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