The release marks the beginning of the the beta release for version 10. Major additions to the release include the BrainBox and Export features. For Windows users, the release debuts an improved window design.

Version 10.0.11 (Beta)

September 25, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#699) BrainBox
      • BrainBox is always available as long as you are logged in
      • BrainBox can be added to via
        • Web browser extension/bookmarklet
        • Windows Explorer integration
        • macOS drag and drop to TheBrain icon in the dock
      • BrainBox requires an active Pro services subscription
    • (#1926) macOS: Drop of file onto dock icon to add dropped item to BrainBox
    • (#3321) Keyboard shortcut for "Switch Name and Label Text"
    • (#4952) Export brain data command. Formats: Folders, Text outline, and JSON
    • (#4999) Command to switch note between single line break and paragraph break
    • (#5034) Expand/collapse hovered thought using Spacebar, like when using keyboard navigation but using the mouse to indicate the thought to toggle
    • (#5037) Context menu for tags on thoughts
    • (#5047) Command to replace a tag with another tag
    • (#5048) Alt+Click on a tag icon to edit its properties
    • (#5081) Windows: Enable more space by combining the title bar and menu bar into one row
    • (#5100) Windows: Right click on a file in File Explorer > Send to > TheBrain BrainBox
    • (#5113) BrainBox: Previews of images, PDFs, text files, etcetera should be shown in the BrainBox tab just like they are for normal attachments
  • Fixes
    • (#1925) Mac: Drag and drop of .brz and .brainzip to Dock icon
    • (#5013) When changing brain storage location, system folders and files should be ignored for the purpose of detecting an empty directories
    • (#5020) Tips unreadable in Dark Mode
    • (#5030) macOS: Buttons on upgrade and about dialog are not readable when in dark mode
    • (#5033) macOS: Cmd+Q does not preserve Brain layout settings
    • (#5039) Windows 7: Types and tags menus are not left aligned, making the hierarchy impossible to discern
    • (#5040) Preferences > Behavior > Toggle Commands causes error
    • (#5041) Removing reminder from a dismissed event causes a crash
    • (#5046) Change icon via tag context menu sets icon for active thought instead
    • (#5058) Error when syncing: Access to Windows temp directory is denied (sporadic)
    • (#5072) Sometimes a search result that is found in Windows search does not show in TB's search results
    • (#5075) External attachments not found in search when Outlook is indexed
    • (#5080) Windows: When entering presentation mode if the window is already maximized, the task bar is not covered
    • (#5086) Logged in with ALL my accounts after update to 10.0.8
    • (#5090) BrainBox tooltips are missing
    • (#5092) Closing the BrainBox tab should not close window
    • (#5095) BrainBox: Hamburger button displays "Localization ? Command..."
    • (#5097) Some commands appear twice in keyboard shortcuts list
    • (#5099) Some notifications that should appear on the brain selection tab are not appearing
    • (#5102) BrainBox should update automatically when displayed
    • (#5104) BrainBox should sync immediately when a file is added via (1) Window Explorer > Send to or (2) macOS drag and drop on dock icon
    • (#5106) Keyboard shortcut description for Move from BrainBox is too long
    • (#5107) Windows: BrainBox display improvement for Explorer
    • (#5108) Windows: Explorer > Send to does not work if there is a space in the path
    • (#5109) BrainBox Tab: When an item is deleted it is still shown in the content window

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