Version 10.0.13 (Beta)

September 27, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#5117) Windows: Option to disable compact window title (increases performance for some graphics cards)
  • Fixes
    • (#5119) BrainBox sometimes refuses to sync
    • (#5120) macOS: Preferences dialog does not open
    • (#5121) Update of BrainBox prior to being displayed causes error
    • (#5122) Windows: Drag and drop from BrainBox causes error
    • (#5123) Windows: Preferences dialog error related to default note type if local only user
    • (#5124) Windows: Send to from File Explorer sometimes causes error
    • (#5125) Windows: Drag and drop from attachment tab causes error
    • (#5126) Thought context menu for causes error getting title of Open Folder Command
    • (#5127) Opening an attachment from BrainBox sometimes causes error
    • (#5128) SimpleWebWrapper error getting content
    • (#5129) Notes toolbar button error
    • (#5143) Windows: Drag and drop of a file from BrainBox fails to add the file to the Brain

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