Among other things, this release fixes issues related to sync not starting correctly.

Version 10.0.14 (Beta)

September 28, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#5009) Thought icons that are gif files in v8 are lost when imported to v10
    • (#5071) Thoughts created from the search box do not get labels added
    • (#5083) Sometimes attachment/note search results do not show at all
    • (#5145) In rare cases, commands are executed directly when they should be disabled, causing errors
    • (#5146) Error updating BrainBox list in response to HandleDataChanged
    • (#5147) Creating a brain when no window is open results in error
    • (#5148) Add attachment tab causes error if the user is not logged in
    • (#5149) Getting menu tooltip fails during creation of thought context menu
    • (#5153) Resume of a sync that was pending and not started never resumes

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