Version 10.0.17 (Beta)

October 9, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#4616) macOS: Double click to open .BrainTheme does not work
    • (#5074) Update on hover sets size of attachments list area incorrectly after unhovering
    • (#5114) Internal folder is called "Inbox" instead of "BrainBox"
    • (#5115) Tag context menu does not restore the action item back to the active thought
    • (#5171) Link to existing Thought in conjunction with semicolons not working
    • (#5175) When the content area is opened in a new window, sometimes the reports area is shown
    • (#5176) Pins do not import from version 8 if the originating file has a "&" in the name
    • (#5179) Sync status may be inaccurate due to use of ESRs



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