Version 10.0.20 (Release Candidate)

October 24, 2018

  • Fixes
    • (#4935) Windows: Copy internal files and paste to another application not working
    • (#5033) macOS: Brain tabs are not restored after quitting
    • (#5103) Default endpoint connects no longer connect to the stagingapi
    • (#5155) Create thought from search button not working
    • (#5184) macOS: Ctrl+click should function like right-click on Brain Access Dialog
    • (#5189) Desktop BrainBox should be properly sorted with newest items at the top
    • (#5190) TeamBrain: Disable brain and show message if concurrent user license is exceeded
    • (#5191) TeamBrain: Read-only users should only be assigned reader access to a brain (via Brain Access Dialog)
    • (#5192) TeamBrain: Read-only users should not be able to create or modify any brains
    • (#5203) TeamBrain: Account status tracking is creating a new session on every request
    • (#5205) Remove number of items in BrainBox from brain select tab
    • (#5207) TeamBrain: Edit Brain Access Dialog: Right click on user to change access level does not work
    • (#5208) TeamBrain: Edit Brain Access Dialog: Invite by email should not be available for enterprise deployments
    • (#5209) TeamBrain: Edit Brain Access Dialog: Can't set access level for other users above reader

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