Version 10.0.21 (RC)

October 26, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#5218) Faster brain initialization, especially for 100K+ thought brains
  • Fixes
    • (#5187) Link Properties: "Untyped" button should be "Type"
    • (#5188) Link context menu text adjustment
    • (#5198) Linking an existing thought via search from a non-active thought does not update the display
    • (#5214) macOS: Image load error on display of brains list
    • (#5217) Move "Open BrainBox" button to the bottom of the brains list
    • (#5219) Windows: Restored window location is inaccurate when compact title bar is enabled
    • (#5220) Windows: Drag and drop of tabs when compact title bar is on does not give accurate visual feedback

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