Note for Windows users: 10.0.38 includes a significant change to how rendering is done on Windows, providing a significant performance boost. Since this change may lead to unforeseen problems, it is being made on the Alpha update channel only to start. If your experience issues, please report them to support@thebrain.com then go to the Beta channel and downgrade to 10.0.37.

Version 10.0.38 (Windows only)

February 27, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#5354) Windows: Increased text rendering performance


Version 10.0.37

February 27, 2019

  • Fixes
    • (#5236) Welcome brain types should be set to hidden
    • (#5262) Ctrl+drag highlights Thoughts outside of the box
    • (#5299) Windows: Capture image closes a window if multiple windows are open
    • (#5305) Drag and drop of a type from jump to parent position does not assign type correctly
    • (#5338) Windows: It should not be possible to invoke the Full Screen command
    • (#5345) Windows: Text size cache is getting cleared incorrectly, causing a drop in performance
    • (#5355) Linking a type that is already linked as a jump allows two types to be linked as parents
    • (#5367) Error when attempting to view recent changes
    • (#5368) On link type popup from link properties dialog, the text "Type" should be "Untyped"



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