TheBrain 10

TheBrain 10 Released
October 29, 2018!
Boost Your Productivity with Instant Idea Capture, Updated Thought Types, Tags, Advanced Search and More…
Introducing our most powerful release yet, TheBrain 10. Designed for fast, easy knowledge capture and organization, version 10 is loaded with new features so you can be prepared for your next great innovation and never let a great idea go to waste! Learn More.
TheBrain 10 Video Introduction
New Features and Enhancements Include: 
  • BrainBox for quick and easy content capture in your browser and mobile 
  • Advanced Thought Typing and Tagging, including new user menus, as well as “link and merge” Thought Types with Thoughts
  • More powerful Search and Indexing including external files linked outside your Brain
  • New Dark Mode for a whole new look and feel to your visualizations and notes
  • Presentation Mode makes your Brain full-screen, hiding the title bar, menu bar, toolbar and Brain tabs
  • Plus: Increased Responsiveness, Notes Improvements, Search and Replace Thought options, powerful Export features… and more
Download TheBrain 9

TheBrain 10 is a free upgrade to all users on TheBrain Services Plan and new users who buy now!

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