Version 11.0.103

July 14, 2020

  • Fixes
    • (#6672) Full sync will fail when using Um Al Qura calendar
    • (#6691) Linking an existing thought with semicolons in its name creates multiple new thoughts
    • (#6753) Move BrainBox tab to new window results in error
    • (#6774) Windows: Updating gets stuck if you decline to restart the first time
    • (#6859) macOS: Incoming notes theme change fails sync
    • (#6881) Search box ListPopover NRE
    • (#6897) No thought link is created when creating thought from existing text via Insert Link to Thought
    • (#6898) Windows: Notes: Trailing space should not be included when auto-selecting text for links
    • (#6904) Windows: Opening BrainBox tab causes plex to stop responding to mouse
    • (#6905) Windows: Login button on brains list window is too tall
    • (#6906) Error displaying license information using Persian calendar

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