Version 11.0.104

July 24, 2020

  • New Features
    • (#6911) Japanese Localization
    • (#6941) Username as attachment/thought title when pasting a Twitter URL
  • Fixes
    • (#6750) Gravatar image does not update
    • (#6822) macOS: SkiaSharp memory leak in Path.CubicTo > Canvas.DrawPath
    • (#6852) Title parsing should use OpenGraph title tag (for YouTube videos for example)
    • (#6862) Paste Thoughts as Jump Thoughts when pasting from Text Outline under a Type
    • (#6879) Hide Events attached to Private/Forgotten Thoughts when Private/Forgotten Thoughts are hidden
    • (#6894) Update to SkiaSharp 2.80.1
    • (#6910) Notes: Link dialog box location is incorrect if note is scrolled
    • (#6921) Error opening thought link to a deleted thought
    • (#6924) Display does not completely update when system tags are displayed/hidden
    • (#6943) Notes toolbar disappears briefly when notes is focussed via keyboard shortcut

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