Version 11.0.108

August  13, 2020

  • New Features
    • (#6997) Notes context menu option to allow Copy as HTML Source
  • Fixes
    • (#5253) License detection issue with multiple accounts
    • (#5364) Prompt user when opening a file whose protocol handler cannot be found
    • (#6226) Forgotten Thoughts do not sync in some cases
    • (#6903) Duplicate Tab command for BrainBox should create new BrainBox tab
    • (#6948) Labels on types are not propagating to thoughts of that type
    • (#6956) macOS: Adding an emoji at the end of a thought name via TPD causes crash
    • (#6972) Error when renaming a PDF via dedicated BrainBox Tab
    • (#7008) Do not show upgrade dialog when launching with a licensed account logged in
    • (#7021) Incomplete Spanish localization
    • (#7049) Thought type's child links are converted to jumps when pasting from one brain to another
    • (#7058) `Link Thickness` should be renamed to `Link Line Width`

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