This release includes the ability to add multiple notes to a thought/link and other related improvements. Another major change is much better support on Windows for entering text using dictation and IMEs for Chinese/Japanese/Korean. Also, if you are on Windows, this version starts significantly faster.

Version 11.0.21

October 2, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#2243) Integrated editing and preview of markdown attachments (not just notes)
    • (#4601) Multiple notes per thought/link
    • (#4725) Preview of .json files
    • (#5815) Notes: Show character count when hovering over word count
    • (#5844) Redesigned UI for adding attachments
  • Fixes
    • (#4364) Text pasted into a code area should retain all spacing and text
    • (#5461) Thought's multiple attachment window does not scroll when using down arrow to traverse through attachments
    • (#5545) Text pasted in a Thought's Notes not responding to user edits
    • (#5735) Cannot right click on a hidden private Thought from a report
    • (#5766) Crash when creating a new thought from the timeline in a Read Only Brain
    • (#5768) Notes compact toolbar preference does not update immediately
    • (#5777) Icon categories are not in alphabetical order
    • (#5795) Right click on attachment tab when attachment as lists acts as if it is a right click on background area
    • (#5797) Create event dialog on the Timeline is off-screen
    • (#5802) Windows: Startup is slow (splash screen stays on for a long time)
    • (#5812) Notes: Word count is inaccurate
    • (#5814) Error when hovering over BrainBox icon or clicking avatar if window has no tabs
    • (#5816) Error encountered when window restoration state is corrupt
    • (#5820) Double clicking on Note/Attachment Tab does not maximize
    • (#5832) Windows: Chinese IME does not work in notes
    • (#5841) macOS: When naming a Thought, Command-J will add :-: and --: to the thought name
    • (#5847) Notes: Print/Export to PDF fails when a table is present
    • (#5849) Toggling of word count does not work until resize or reload
    • (#5850) Keyboard shortcuts for notes should not do anything if note is not focused
    • (#5852) Sometimes, the keyboard focus is set in notes without the hidden tags being displayed
    • (#5854) Windows: Text input issues
      • (#5800) Windows: Korean IME does not work in notes
      • (#5833) Windows: Emoji keyboard does not add emoji
      • (#5855) Windows: `AltGr` modified key presses are ignored
      • (#5856) Windows: Dictation does not work
    • (#5859) An error is raised when attempting to log in with invalid credentials
    • (#5860) Log contains inaccurate messages about attachment search
    • (#5861) Search for internal files and notes does not work if Brains folder capitalization has been changed
    • (#5862) On high DPI screen, IME appears in the wrong location



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