Version 11.0.23

October 7, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#1165) Tab key navigation for all dialogs
    • (#2695) Block quotes using standard Markdown `> ` prefix
    • (#3716) Search option in stock icon library
    • (#3965) Notes: Enable copy/paste, drag/drop multiple images at a time
    • (#5877) Show name of stock icon when hovering over it in the icon selection dialog
    • (#5883) New menu command: Options > Check Spelling as You Type
  • Fixes
    • (#2081) Right click in Notes should activate editor
    • (#2474) Last character of long, new thought name cannot be seen
    • (#2810) macOS: Emoji & Symbols popup shortcut does not work in some places.
    • (#4459) Windows: Relative position of IME is not correct and changes with scale
    • (#5136) If preference on drag is set to move, you cannot drag attachments from one thought to another
    • (#5679) Arrange Thoughts by Date Activated not working
    • (#5746) In dark mode notes and edit boxes should invert
    • (#5762) Windows: Unable to rename/delete/cut/move internal and external PDFs while previewing
    • (#5834) When a Brain is opened, set keyboard focus to search
    • (#5842) Text at the bottom of the Brain Access and Sharing window does not wrap
    • (#5878) Windows: Exception when renaming an attachment that is in use
    • (#5880) Windows: Sometimes can't delete thought with PDF attached
    • (#5881) When application is opened, set keyboard focus to search box
    • (#5882) Spellcheck cannot be permanently disabled

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