Version 11.0.29

October 16, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#3523) When internal browser address is selected, automatically select it
    • (#4353) Better preservation of formatting on copy/paste from Google docs to TheBrain
    • (#5321) Accept URLs using protocols containing numbers
    • (#5415) Windows: Updated internal browser to Chromium 75
    • (#5490) Notes: Unable to paste a picture copied as a thought attachment
    • (#5804) Notes: Paste without formatting
    • (#5920) Windows: Enable use of `Alt` as a standalone modifier for keyboard shortcuts
    • (#5922) Preferences tab navigation via Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab
    • (#5924) Notes: Copy as text
    • (#5925) Notes: Copy as HTML
  • Fixes
    • (#3877) Mac: Text/space is automatically highlighted on right-click in Notes.
    • (#4240) macOS: Can't paste Chinese with Cmd+V shortcut
    • (#4288) Wingdings do not paste into thought names or notes
    • (#4394) Line breaks inserted after hyphens when copying to email
    • (#4512) Blank spaces when pasting text outline with Danish letters in notes
    • (#4673) Resizing TheBrain window when YouTube video is playing - cause freeze / crash
    • (#4829) Emoji options in the Windows keyboard shortcut list
    • (#4859) Windows: Copy of image file and paste into notes fails
    • (#4874) Possible errors when opening attachments
    • (#4972) Windows: right-clicking on emoji in notes editor causes crash
    • (#5024) Pasted text from email/Evernote in notes removes spaces
    • (#5038) macOS: Cut and paste inserts extra line
    • (#5044) Undo is not available after pasting into notes
    • (#5248) Separators in date/time format for notes are changed
    • (#5277) Notes: Can't paste after shift+enter
    • (#5347) Amazon web pages no longer load in embedded browser
    • (#5511) Renamed URL reverts back to original name once a Thought is created from it
    • (#5550) Notes Editor: Insert Link to Thought can create a double link
    • (#5917) Edit menu undo and redo commands do not apply to the notes editor
    • (#5918) Preferences > Keyboard issues
    • (#5919) Windows: Default back/forward shortcuts should be Alt+Left/Right
    • (#5921) Windows: Default open properties shortcut should be Alt+Enter
    • (#5928) Notes toolbar buttons appear in a vertical column
    • (#5932) Unindenting a numbered list moves cursor to next line when at end of line
    • (#5933) Indent of numbered list item over 9 puts cursor in wrong place
    • (#5938) Remove the keyboard shortcut for Expanded View

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