This release includes major performance enhancements for macOS. There are also many fixes and some small new features.

Version 11.0.30

October 24, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#2891) Add "Last Sync Date" to Statistics in Brain list
    • (#3497) Arrange thoughts by date (oldest first)
    • (#5916) Support for delete by word (Windows: Ctrl+Backspace/Delete, macOS: Cmd/Alt+Backspace/Delete)
    • (#5929) Sort by context sensitive name
    • (#5931) Activate a thought quickly by typing its name and pressing enter without waiting for results to appear
  • Fixes
    • (#2498) Notes: Superscript and subscript can be on at the same time
    • (#3817) Hidden prefix should be removed from type name on type button in TPD
    • (#5466) Home Thought can be deleted from the report
    • (#5661) Windows: Unable to delete Thoughts with an internal folder if Brains data folder is not on C drive
    • (#5897) Notes: In dark mode, a "ghost" image of the text prior to the most recent change is visible
    • (#5911) Images inside of MD files need updated filenames to match GUID on assign brain GUID
    • (#5926) Extra notes interrupt plex keyboard navigation
    • (#5934) Text in font selection dialog is unreadable in dark mode
    • (#5941) Do not open .md and .txt files when they are created from templates
    • (#5943) macOS: No selected theme causes error on export
    • (#5944) It should not be possible to change the keyboard shortcuts for some commands
    • (#5947) Toolbar button tooltips/hints do not update keyboard shortcuts immediately
    • (#5948) Windows: Keyboard focus is lost when search results display
    • (#5950) Move right by one word (Ctrl/Alt+Right) should move to the start of the next word
    • (#5962) Local-only user only has read-only access
    • (#5970) Windows: Exception in System.Windows.Media.Fonts
    • (#5973) Stack overflow when saving a note and "Update on hover" is enabled
    • (#5974) macOS: High CPU usage and suboptimal UI responsiveness

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