Version 11.0.33

November 7, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#2759) Image preview > Context menu > Copy as Image
    • (#5870) Notes: `Edit Link` context menu command
  • Fixes
    • (#1811) Starting Thought in a new brain can be removed with Edit > Undo
    • (#3873) Notes: Drag and drop image directly from Chrome should embed/insert as expected
    • (#5915) Toggling siblings on immediately after navigation does not work
    • (#5949) Notes: Chinese text sometimes does not render correctly
    • (#5955) Cannot access a disposed object (DialogBackend)
    • (#5989) macOS: Error encountered when quitting the app
    • (#5990) Windows: Keyboard shortcuts should not be present for macOS commands (Application > Hide Others and > Hide TheBrain)
    • (#5997) Forget/Delete context menu command from a report is disabled when keyboard focus is notes
    • (#5999) Windows: Alt+F4 closes all windows instead of just the current window
    • (#6000) Notes toolbar layout firing when notes are not visible, causing many log entries
    • (#6005) Repeated notes toolbar error on startup
    • (#6007) Error when replacing keyboard shortcut after search
    • (#6012) Notes: Images pasted from files on Windows use backslashes in path, preventing display on non-Windows clients
    • (#6014) macOS: Drag and drop of emoji into an edit box results in extra emoji



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