Important fix: Faster startup and brain opening. This release resolves a problem that was causing startup and final loading tasks to be delayed for up to several seconds.

Version 11.0.35

November 13, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#2077) Notes: Ability to resize images for videos
    • (#4419) Rename URL to non-HTML content using filename
    • (#6041) Notes: `Select All` command in context menu
  • Fixes
    • (#3174) macOS El Capitan: PDF preview does not work
    • (#3436) In the Notes Editor, Shift+Return can remove a space
    • (#3446) AttachmentWebView: right-click Context should work correctly
    • (#3491) macOS: Notes: Backspace of bullet makes cursor jump
    • (#3669) Notes Editor - Cursor jumps away from blank line created with Shift+Enter
    • (#4516) Japanese text converts to underscore lines instead of kanji
    • (#5484) Switching to italics mode while typing on the same line in notes switches back to normal on next word
    • (#5715) Deleting an attached PDF does not work if TheBrain is/was previewing that attachment
    • (#5772) Notes: Text is missing from printed output/PDF export if last paragraph straddles the page boundary
    • (#5837) Windows: Plex not responding after deleting a link via link properties dialog
    • (#5892) Tips windows not sized properly for several seconds
    • (#6021) Default state for metadata overlay on images should be hidden
    • (#6023) Notes: Copy as HTML/Copy as Text are disabled for MD files that are not notes
    • (#6026) Keyboard shortcuts for indent and outdent are not displayed if any custom shortcuts have been set
    • (#6027) All command names should be capitalized using title case
    • (#6028) Unable to change Notes theme to black text white page when in dark mode
    • (#6029) Paste without formatting always pastes into the notes editor even if focus is elsewhere
    • (#6034) Rich clipboard content should not be pasted into simple textboxes
    • (#6035) Text editor should ignore MD table tags
    • (#6036) Brain opening is slow to complete
    • (#6042) Notes theme sync causes error
    • (#6043) Windows: List of colors in brain theme dialog moves as you interact with it

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