Version 11.0.38

November 20, 2019

  • New Features
    • (#2542) Preferences > Show wander delay setting in seconds
    • (#6061) New notes editor command to bind to shortcut for Center Cursor in Visible Area
    • (#6062) Notes: Allow theme editor to toggle Italics for paragraph and heading styles
  • Fixes
    • (#6048) Windows: Startup fails - event logs mention kernelbase.dll
    • (#6052) Content does not default to Notes if Attachments as List is active
    • (#6066) Logging is needed to better track startup time
    • (#6067) Export dialog causes error when current note style is "Foundation" or other new style name
    • (#6068) Remove old notes code
    • (#6072) Increase logging of file access errors during export/sync
    • (#6075) Export > Folders should export notes as Markdown
    • (#6078) Text in export, import, and tips should be readonly
    • (#6081) macOS: Help > Show Tips does not work

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