Version 11.0.56 - Release Candidate

February 22, 2020

  • Fixes
    • (#5979) Notes: Support for backslash escape sequences
    • (#6285) Pasting Local Thought URL into notes should link to the thought
    • (#6327) Copy Thought and paste into notes of different brain should paste local thought link
    • (#6346) Popup lists should show more items by default before showing a scrollbar
    • (#6347) Converting some notes from HTML format may cause hang
    • (#6348) macOS: No visual feedback on drag and drop while app is in the background
    • (#6340) Issues when syncing as Reader
      • (#6341) Unauthorized file deletion detected when syncing as Reader
      • (#6342) Unauthorized attachment update detected when syncing as Reader
      • (#6344) Changes are not reflected immediately when syncing as Reader
      • (#6345) Removed file fails to delete when syncing as Reader

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