Version 11.0.66

March 19, 2020

  • Fixes
    • (#6268) Error caused by KezaSheet.LayoutLines
    • (#6311) Unable to scroll through added users in the Brain access and Sharing window
    • (#6383) Long Chinese thought names overflow the TPD text box and aren't completely visible
    • (#6420) Notes: Pasting a YouTube link while manually writing Markdown link code causes error
    • (#6430) Notes: When converted from V10, sometimes @@ symbols appear for checkboxes
    • (#6435) Notes: Indented checkboxes from HTML notes don't get converted properly
    • (#6437) Text boxes (such as Search) are very short when a single character is entered
    • (#6440) Notes: If a notes file is manually added to a thought folder, it is not interpreted correctly
    • (#6442) Notes: When converting HTML, linebreaks that should not be removed sometimes are
    • (#6443) Notes: Manually created checkboxes in HTML notes are not converted
    • (#6455) Notes: Code sections do not display correctly when exported to HTML
    • (#6456) Notes: Images from V10 notes notes are not visible when exported to HTML
    • (#6457) Notes: When converting from HTML, indented titles should have `>` characters before the `#`, not after
    • (#6460) Notes: When converting from HTML, lines of dashes or underscores should be interpreted as horizontal rules
    • (#6461) Notes: When converting from HTML, dashes and underscores in link and image addresses should not be escaped
    • (#6462) Notes: Deleting the entire text of a note can cause an error
    • (#6463) Notes: When images are used as links, the next line's height is incorrect, images fail to wrap to the next line

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