This update features a much more powerful recent changes interface that is especially when you are collaborating with other users using TeamBrain.

Version 11.0.73

April 13, 2020

  • New Features
    • (#6544) More powerful recent changes popup
      • (#6552) Filter recent changes by user
      • (#6553) Configurable number of days for recent changes
      • (#6554) Improve speed of recent changes display
  • Fixes
    • (#3165) Outline view context sensitive name removal does not work properly
    • (#4849) Recent changes list does not show custom user avatar icon
    • (#5936) Context sensitive names not hiding/showing Parent name consistently
    • (#6013) Temporary white space appears over image pasted into notes
    • (#6065) Windows: Notes scrollbar toggles on and off repeatedly when image is present and content just fits
    • (#6108) Unchecking `Sync Automatically` from sync status popup does not work
    • (#6483) Notes: NRE in LayoutLines
    • (#6515) Image resizing handles are not cleared when navigating
    • (#6518) macOS: Selected Thoughts area, Past Thoughts List area, and Pins area should clip thoughts in Outline and Mind Map layouts
    • (#6520) Notes: Image resize handles are replicated when note width is changed
    • (#6521) macOS: Double-click to open the TPD makes the cursor disappear
    • (#6525) macOS: Notes: Ctrl+click should show context menu
    • (#6526) macOS: Import text explanation is clipped on initial display
    • (#6534) Notes: Link to missing file causes error
    • (#6537) Error on opening Brain Theme window
    • (#6539) Missing brain icon causes thumbnail to render as all black
    • (#6542) Some html notes from TheBrain 10 are freezing up TheBrain 11
    • (#6545) Can't check sync status nor change auto-sync settings when a sync is in progress
    • (#6546) Notes: Some notes are very slow to load
    • (#6547) Notes: Images with base64 encoded `data` source do not load
    • (#6550) macOS: Recent changes hint window does not show on mouseover after scroll by dragging

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