Version 11.0.76

April 25, 2020

  • New Features
    • (#6532) New preference for default visibility of thumbnails in PDF preview
    • (#6572) Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts tab - send focus immediately to the search field
    • (#6604) Paste Without Formatting to be added to the Edit menu when notes has focus
  • Fixes
    • (#5809) Windows, dual screens: Drag to create a new child thought - no new thought name field appears
    • (#6427) Creating a child from a type/tag should indicate in the dialog that new thought will be typed/tagged
    • (#6453) Pasting thoughts under a type should link pasted thoughts as jumps instead of children
    • (#6563) 'Open Attachment' on a link with multiple attachments causes error
    • (#6575) Brain settings should not be added to undo list on startup/open brain
    • (#6579) Notes: HTML files with invalid styles cause an error
    • (#6581) macOS: Unable to select date from Delete Events calendar drop-down
    • (#6583) Thought with link to an external read-only file should not fail to delete
    • (#6605) Notes: Large images encoded within text as base64 data cause poor performance
    • (#6610) Notes: Improve performance of image tag detection

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