Version 11.0.81

May 13, 2020

  • Fixes
    • (#4457) Recurring all day event is displayed a day early on the timeline
    • (#6113) Windows: Context menu causes focus to be lost, which causes system tags to hide then show unexpectedly
    • (#6523) Hide Private Thoughts while active thought is private causes crash
    • (#6524) Thoughts copied from Brain to Brain may show an older version of notes from v10
    • (#6601) Deleting a lot of events takes a long time - show progress
    • (#6602) When pasting a typed thought multiple times, it is possible to create links to multiple types
    • (#6650) Error on exporting to folders: trailing space after Thought name
    • (#6657) Placeholder text should not be spellchecked
    • (#6667) macOS: Ability to open Grammarly in embedded browser
    • (#6674) macOS: Error preventing startup when attempting to discover system templates
    • (#6677) macOS: Some attachment templates for different extensions cannot be distinguished
    • (#6678) macOS: Objective C exceptions can't be caught and cause the application to terminate without notice
    • (#6683) Windows: Exception setting up Explorer `Send to` function prevents startup
    • (#6685) "BrainBox is Empty" does not translate into Russian
    • (#6687) Media back/forward command hint messages are wrong
    • (#6688) Notes: Becomes unresponsive when a very large amount of text on a single line is selected

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